has become by RaftDAObags analysis

Analyse trends inside whale communities without being one

Hunt the whales and bag their alpha using our on- and off-chaing intelligence and tools

NFT Dashboard
NFT Dashboard
The Jam

Whale pod* insights

All the cool buzz from closed communities. We’re analysing trends in their on-chain activity, whether it’s a shiny new token trades, exchange buzz or an NFT alpha mint.

bags analysis
What’s in their bags

Get an insight on their long-term vision. Are they into NFT marketplaces or perpetuals? Or maybe they like fiat more...

bags analysis
What are their actions

Get a realtime insights for their common actions and be the first one to catch the trend. 10 pengu holders aped into some token? Probably nothing.

bags analysis
What’s in their minds

Analyze the governance trends and activities. Do they care what’s next? Who’s decinding what their future will look like?


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bags analysis
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bags analysis
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